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So here we have Facebook Stories … yet another one!! Working everyday at office I was wondering where do I post the stories now …. Snapchat? (the inventor)… Instagram (cool one) …. Whatsapp (public one) …wait !! Facebook ??? I mean its good to be spoilt for choices but no not this…. or maybe!

Before I lose myself in this , the performance marketer in me takes over and sees this as an opportunity where I can speak to different people in a different way. Maybe very personalized in Snapchat ads (I have been testing that) … more sales oriented in Instagram (picturesque for sure) and direct response on Facebook (will test for sure) , so far Insta and Snapchat strategies have worked for me where I have tested both Direct response and artistic content (Insta vs Snapchat). Again it depends on objective.

If the objective is more organic growth I would go Snapchat otherwise I would prefer Instagram, well we will have to wait for Facebook stories (in ads)

I would say that its good for us digital guys as long as we have more ad units and placements to play with (Frequency you nerds!!!) Only time will tell maybe one day we might have Google stories … searching a keyword and we an see ad which disappears in 24 hours (pun intended)

P.S: I am a digital marketer and they are all my personal opinion and I am always in search of how different people see things differently. 

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