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Facebook mobile app install

Facebook is one of the best channels for a digital marketer and mobile app marketing. It has the largest user base in the world. Things to consider while doing mobile app install campaigns on Facebook

Targeting: Always try to build audience based on the existing users you have either from the database or from the custom audience collected from the mobile web or app.

a. Lookalike audience: Create lookalike audience in which can be made from your best users. Test with nested lookalike from 1% to 5% to start with excluding one from another.

b. Custom audience: Make sure that you target new users with similar interests as your custom audience using Facebook analytics.

c. Broad audience: Always target a broad audience adset so that you get minimum conversions to feed to your overall optimization goal of more mobile app install

Bidding: Always start with oCPM bids. Start with low bids and then increase the bids. Base your bids on following

a. Measure the daily reach of the campaign

b. Check the frequency, if that exceed more than 1.5 increase the bids

c. Do A/B test with oCPM/CPC/CPA bids once you have sufficient data.

Creative: Creatives are the core to the campaigns

a. Keep the creative very simple, explaining the product or service clearly.

b. Run minimum 3 creatives in an adset

c. Use CTA app install for mobile ads. Download generally doesn’t work as well as compared to install now.(Still advisable to do A/B test)

d. Change creatives minimum every 7 days to have less ad fatigue.

These the three basic things which can be done. This can vary according to business and we can have more sophisticated campaigns. Following these basic principles will help improve mobile app install campaigns.

Let me know your thoughts and strategies on how you will improve mobile app install campaigns.


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