Youtube Mobile Installs for Performance

Youtube mobile installs
Youtube Mobile Installs

Ever though of using youtube mobile installs efficiently? Youtube is the biggest video discovery platform generally comes to mind when we want to run video view campaigns. Can we use this for user acquisition or user engagement. Few things that might help us:

Video Content : The video content should be short and clear. This helps in better conversion which gives better clarity of product or service

Contextual targeting : Youtube helps us target users based on the context , which is very important when we are looking at acquiring user most suited to our business.

Mobile web and app targeting : Mobile web and app targeting can be done via Google display network helping acquire prospective users. We can even target them based on the app category installed (Affinity)

Based on similarity: Not exactly like Facebook but we can target users which are similar to the existing users. This can help with amazing conversion rates on every step of funnel.

Retargeting: Youtube retargeting is one of the best. Videos  shown to the existing users increases the engagement rates also improving the overall performance.

Use analytics and try to find what your users like. Based on that make different versions of the youtube content, there is nothing like good content served to the right audience.

Use youtube to get those users who are otherwise tough to get from other channels.This will be more expensive but quality of users is generally better because of the video content.

Let me know about your thoughts. what do you think can be tips and tricks we can use on Youtube. What the techniques you have tested to get better results or the things you would try?

Also, how much do you use it for performance campaigns? Do you prefer youtube for app install or brand campaigns.

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2 thoughts on “Youtube Mobile Installs for Performance

    1. I agree with you and also with this all the happening on the mobile app install is becoming a really good business model for all the big players, getting organic content going is becoming increasingly tough

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