Snapchat stories search

Snapchat Stories search
Snapchat Stories

Snapchat Stories? from the time I have been writing, this word has become a new buzz word. stories! Well, a new innovation snapchat stories search.

Snapchat stories search.This is a master stroke on creating new ways for advertisers.

They have single handedly taken on two giants , Facebook and google but this is something great for us marketers. It gives an opportunity to be more relevant and show more relevant messages to the users which in turn will convert better.

This is on the performance side but how does the snapchat stories search works?

  1. Open snapchat
  2. Top of the screen you will get a search bar helping you chat with friends. Also, see you can search snapchat stories.
  3. Just search what you want and result will be relevant stories

This feature will be rolled out in specific markets but also at the same time its an opportunity to be more relevant.

This might open up opportunity for digital marketers to open up search ads inventory. Only time will tell but for now this is sure that this feature will help in better user retention for snapchat.

What new features would you want to see in snapchat? What are your thoughts on the new innovator of the market and what do you think of opportunities it brings for the digital marketers.



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