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twitter mobile app installs

While having wok for my dinner and thinking about digital marketing future, twitter mobile app install came to my mind. I started wondering how relevant twitter is?

What cards they have up their sleeves (pun intended!)

Twitter is an amazing platform when it comes to sharing content and raising concerns but how powerful is it in hands of a digital marketer?

Mobile app installs on twitter ? It sure is relevant for the kind of audience it brings along, very aware and savvy users but at the same time very picky ones also.

Ever run a twitter mobile app install campaign and you will think what is best way to get the results. Well it brings along unusual ‘twittery’ options. Again depends on the objectives but the way to go are:

  1. Keyword targeting: More like a distant cousin of Google, you can target the users by specific keywords and show them the twitter mobile app install cards.
  2.  Handle targeting: This one needs no intro. Target the users based on the handles they follow, you know what you want and you can get that.
  3. Mobile app category: Target the users by the app category installed on the devices either iOS or android.
  4. Custom audience: Good ‘ol custom audience is something which will help with twitter mobile app installs and help you grow.
  5. Interest targeting: This one is more so like Facebook but if you want to give it a shot ; it can be useful in certain cases of super granular targeting. If it is broad, stay away.
  6. Behavior Targeting: Although this is available is select few countries, this targeting can be really useful if you know user behavior from your database.

Twitter is good in many cases. What do you think about this for your mobile app install strategy and what do you think you would do? Let me know here.








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